The Beachcomber Falls Off The Malibu Pier

Malibu Pier
Malibu Pier Photo: Hairygrumpy via Flickr

We tried in vain to convince you that Malibu’s The Beachcomber Cafe had improved under Disneyland’s former master sommelier Michael Jordan in the spring of 2010, but alas, too many years of mediocrity could not be washed away so easily. In fact, most everyone would accept that French Laundry would hit the Malibu pier before believing us on this one. Alas, Malibu Times recently dropped the news that The Beachcomber officially called it quits for 2012, leaving just one business left in the pier’s portfolio, at least until Nobu casts his rod here.

Malibu City Councilmember Jefferson Wagner, who must pay rent to the State as the Pier’s concession rights licensee, blames bad foot traffic and shows concern for the pier’s current state in saying, “There is going to be a troubled three to four months ahead while we figure out which direction we’ll go with the restaurants.” One positive development has Wagner pitching Franco Simplicio, who owns Moonshadows and The Sunset, and has shown some degree of interest in the space, which still has a valuable liquor license in place.

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The Beachcomber Falls Off The Malibu Pier