First Look at Talde, Bringing ‘the Yin and the Yang’ to Park Slope on Sunday
Photo: Melissa Hom

The other day we brought you Talde’s Asian-American menu, and now here’s a look at the spot, which is slated to open Sunday. Former Buddakan toque Dale Talde partnered with Thistle Hill Tavern’s John Bush and David Massoni, and plans to create a simple tavern look were scrapped when the three found some vintage Japanese carved wood, which sets the restaurant’s aesthetic. There’s a twenty-seat proper bar (as in, drinks and snacks, no dining at the counter) with five Asian beers and five Brooklyn brews on tap, plus “tiki-esque” cocktails by Bush, Talde tells us, and Japanese whiskey.

The chef reiterates that he’s “trying to take the dirty word out of fusion,” and his menu reflects that: Phot roast combines “everything you’d find in pho and everything you’d find in a pot roast,” while market ramen is an all-vegan soup based on seasonal veggies. That might sound like a contrast to other dishes, such as a reportedly intense barbecue platter, but Talde tells us, “The yin and yang — it’s very applicable to this restaurant.” See the space and some food in our slideshow.

Opening Menu [PDF]

Talde, 369 Seventh Ave., at 11th St., Park Slope; 347-916-0031

First Look at Talde, Bringing ‘the Yin and the Yang’ to Park Slope