Sushi Nozawa Shuttering; Mac & Cheeza Calling It Quits

Nozawa will be survived by the chef's Sugarfish chain
Nozawa will be survived by the chef’s Sugarfish chain Photo: The Delicious Life via Flickr

Two more veterans are closing up shop this season, as L.A. Downtown News spreads the word that Larkin Mackey, owner of Eagle Rock’s Larkin’s Joint, is being pushed to close his quick-service concept Mac & Cheeza, after a little under two years due to a situation with its Downtown landlord. Squid Ink prints a letter from Mr. Mackey (“mmmkay?”), informing customers that, “unfortunately the owners of the building felt we were doing too good and got a little bite from the greed monster,” recalling a similar situation we’ve seen before in Downtown, over at The Must. Mackey plans to open an outpost of the small restaurant within his Larkin’s. Unfortunately, that’s not the only closing on the horizon.

In another serious shutter, Squid Ink reports one the closing of Studio City’s Sushi Nozawa, the solo launchpad for SugarFish founder Kazunomi Nozawa, the noted seafood sourcer sometimes described as a sort of Stalin of sushi for his refusal to serve politically impure California rolls and the like. The blog announces the restaurant’s last day of service will be February 29th, while the chef’s thriving casual empire will probably endure.

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UPDATE: Eater elaborates that Nozawa is retiring and the restaurant will become another location of SugarFish. Although, the chef is not retiring so much that he won’t be on top of the empire’s sourcing situation room.

Sushi Nozawa Shuttering; Mac & Cheeza Calling It Quits