Six Taste Targets Lovers in Beverly Hills

We're already in love...
We’re already in love… Photo: Scarpetta

Like everyone else, your love has turned savvier when it comes to what they put in their mouth. In 2012, giving your Valentine another box of chocolates makes you about as suave as a suit on Ron Paul. An appealing option providing both partnership and mutual satisfaction comes from Six Taste, the L.A.-based food tour program that seeks to highlight the diversity of eateries in our neighborhoods. For V-Day, Six Taste has a new tour for lovers based in Beverly Hills. Diversity? Beverly Hills? Do go on.

On February 11th, 12th, 18th, and 19th, Six Taste is offering a $125 per person tour that takes guests to a Venezuelan hot spot made famous in The Social Network, spend some quality time with Norbert at The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, smack lips over Rory Herrmann’s truffle popcorn and lamb ribs at Bouchon, slurp on Scarpetta’s famous spaghetti, and end the day with high tea, chocolates, and wine at The Montage.

The two-weekend event will center on a stroll through Beverly Hills’ spotless streets, and offers perks like a tour through Keller’s kitchen and spicy Mayan hot chocolate and tequenos at Coupa Cafe. If you want to see if a belly of lamb ribs, sloshing with wine, is a boon or a bust when trying to knock boots in the late afternoon, find reservations for the Valentine’s tour online.

Six Taste Targets Lovers in Beverly Hills