Say So Long to MidAtlantic

MidAtlantic Photo: Kirsten Henri

MidAtlantic, Daniel Stern’s farm-to-city taproom in University City, is pulling the plug after a little more than two years. It’s his third restaurant to go dark since Rae, his ambitious effort at the Cira Center (now JG Domestic) closed in 2008. The Insider dropped the bummer on Saturday, adding today that MidAtlantic’s landlord, Wexford and Stern both issued statements that congratulate each other for the years they worked together and little more about the decision to close the restaurant. It’s last day is February 24. Though never outright panned as all bad, the consensus among critics never rose to more than a meager m’eh.

Craig LaBan dinged it with a one-bell review that lamented a “fantastic idea” bogged down by “a needless array of elemental cooking gaffes.” Phyllis Stein-Novack tipped her toque a modest one-and-a-half times, noting (as did LaBan) Stern’s noticeable absence from the open kitchen on her visits. For PW, Adam Erace wrote that dishes were plated with “all the care one might expect in a prison cafeteria.”

Supposedly all’s good over at Stern’s other restaurant, R2L. And there’s already word that other chefs and restaurateurs are eyeing up the MidAtlantic property.

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Say So Long to MidAtlantic