Say So Long to Arrow Swim Club

Renedering of Arrow's bar area.
Renedering of Arrow’s bar area. Photo: Arrow Swim Club

By most accounts, Arrow Swim Club’s maiden voyage last summer was anything but a swimming success. Seems locals were a little reluctant to shell out the $1,000 membership fee to splash around with Jersey Shore cast rejects the Piazza’s peeps in a tiny, waist-deep pool. Sure, some were sold on adjoining restaurant Chenango’s all-you-can-drink brunch come-on, but the exclusive club’s $7 hot dogs and an endless stream of freebie days failed to reel in members. So today’s news that the club as we know it is dead, and that new operators are stepping in to helm its next season, doesn’t come as much of surprise.

According to Philly Chit Chat’s HughE Dillon, promoter Nicole Cashman is out at the NoLibs swim hole, and Cities 2 Night president, Brian Nagele and partners are taking over. Nagele, you may recall, stepped in last year at the Piazza to take over shuttered Appoliniare, whcih he re-opened as King’s Oak. Going forward, plans include re-conceptualizing to attract more folks from the neighborhood, and restructuring the membership packages to make them more affordable.

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Say So Long to Arrow Swim Club