Dissed Santa Ana Chef Fires Back on Yelp: ‘Burn in Hell’

The Playground
The Playground Photo: The Playground via Twitter

Jason Quinn, the chef-owner at Santa Ana’s The Playground (a new-ish restaurant descended from The Lime Truck, which won T.V.’s Great Food Truck Race), has given the boot to a customer who left a one-star review on Yelp, CBS reports. Though the restaurant won’t let anyone indulge their passion for ketchup, the reviewer’s beef stemmed from a three-percent gratuity mandated for kitchen staff, also throwing in a jibe or two about the sous-vide chicken being a rip-off of David Chang, the annoying noise caused by in-house butter-churning, and criticizing the “chef’s family walking around endlessly trying to be restauranteurs.” So how did Quinn blast back at the man?

Instead of reminding himself that a lot of Yelpers know not what the fuck they’re talking about, Quinn penned a long and scathing argument on the site detailing his attempts to politely handle the table in question. Schooling Naseem that “KOBE BEEF SHOULD NEVER BE WELL DONE,” Quinn’s rant really starts picking up steam by the end of the page when he starts saying stuff like, “I WISH I WOULD HAVE PAID FOR YOUR BEERS AND KICKED YOU THE FU*K OUT OF MY RESTAURANT,” ending the whole note with “Burn in Hell.”

While he probably should have let the obnoxious review roll of his back, we’re happy he didn’t, as we love this kind of intercourse between owners and customer. The venom really makes up for the mountain of typically lame reviews we often force ourselves to sift through as “research.”

Despite flying off the handle, Quinn seems to have a thick enough skin for the business (he readily admits, “[David Chang’s chicken] is probably way better than mine.”), but just couldn’t stomach the personal insults. He tells CBS, “These are people who are using a public forum to discuss their experience, which is exactly what we want..but the truth of the matter is, these people were awful.”

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Dissed Santa Ana Chef Fires Back on Yelp: ‘Burn in Hell’