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Sam Talbot’s Blog-About-Me Campaign [Updated]

He's surfing for press.
He’s surfing for press.

Not sure whether it’s very bad or highly brilliant decision-making on his publicist’s part, but Sam Talbot is asking the media to blow him up/blog him up on the Internet. The best posts will win Sam-signed prizes and a coveted one-on-one interview. However, no gossip or personal digs are allowed. Someone should definitely ask him about diabetes! [EaterNY]

Update: A spokesperson for Talbot responded to Grub:

“The contest was meant to be a way to further engage bloggers and those interested about the issues Sam supports such as diabetes awareness, healthy cooking and sustainable seafood. Unfortunately, the way the contest was written and presented, it was taken in a far different manner. We apologize for the misunderstanding and did not mean to offend anyone. Sam’s site will be posting revised contest instructions shortly. Thanks.”

Sam Talbot’s Blog-About-Me Campaign [Updated]