The Market at Santa Monica Place Loses Rockenwagner and Beachy Cream

Dreams of The Market
Dreams of The Market Photo: SMP

Two big nails are being pounded into the casket of Santa Monica Place’s ill-organized “The Market,” following the November cancelation of Piero Selvaggio’s Primi al Mercato. Both Hans Rockenwagner’s Rockenwagner Bakery and ice cream outlet Beachy Cream have both called it quits, according to Eater, while a neighboring business admits things have been rather slow for the shopping complex.

Described in early, now-quite laughable predictions as SoCal’s counterpoint to Frisco’s Ferry Building, The Market looked much more like a contractual arrangement of random businesses-with-names and price points few could actually use to fulfill everyday needs upon reveal. Rockenwagner’s ambitious plans once found the bakery planning a souflee bar with cakes baked on-site, theoretically to the delight of large crowds. However, The Market has reportedly never filled all of its rental spaces, and with the shutter of these two main attractions, is described by Eater as having “only 50% occupancy.”

Which could be the perfect chance to start anew. Is it too late for the once ambitious Market at Santa Monica Place to become a vital necessity? Do you have any suggestions to bring this lackluster depot back to relevancy? Let us know your thoughts in our comments.

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The Market at Santa Monica Place Loses Rockenwagner and Beachy Cream