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Red O Introducing $100 Margarita Next Week, Even Pulls Rick Bayless In for a Visit

Bayless, holding his two-dollar Negra Modelo
Bayless, holding his two-dollar Negra Modelo Photo: Blipsman via Flickr

Are some of L.A.’s restaurants possibly doing too well? A few certainly seem out of touch with the populist rage racking the country. First came Umami’s $100, DB Bistro-jocking truffle and foie gras burger, followed fast by L.A. Creamery popping a $50 pint of Dom Perignon sorbet for the New Year. Next week, distancing itself ever further from L.A.’s homegrown, street-raised Mexican food scene, Red O is hatching a $100 margarita.

The loco libation (as in, you’re crazy if you consider plunking down $100 on a mixed drink rather than a bottle of Fortaleza anejo and twenty-five odd truck tacos) will hit Red O’s menu next week, while consulting chef Rick Bayless happens to be in town on Wednesday and will visit the restaurant often credited to his touch.

Red O barman Steve Calabro has built on his $35 Gran Platinum Margarita with this hundred-dollar version that rocks three types of extra-aged tequila (Gran Patron Burdelos, Partida Elegante, and Herradura seleccion suprema), along with Grand Marnier Cent Quintenaire, fresh squeezed lime juice, organic agave syrup, and ice cubes made with lime sorbet. The moneyed margarita then gets topped with foie gras and truffles Louis XII cognac and “caviar” made from fresh squeezed orange juice and Prunier orange cognac. The whole thing gets served in a gold rimmed pimp cup with a stainless steel straw that the shadier among you could always try and nick for sale on eBay to get some of your money back.

Obviously, such hyper-fine tequila should probably be sipped rather than corrupted with supplements, but if you’re the type of person who just loves to pair wanton spending with high-grade booze, you’ve basically just found your holy grail.

Red O Introducing $100 Margarita Next Week, Even Pulls Rick Bayless In for a