Pillar & Plough Is Over and Done

Blink and it's gone.
Blink and it’s gone. Photo: Melissa Hom

Many people had high hopes for Pillar & Plough, the big, glam’ster restaurant at the new Hotel Willliamsburg with a lot of potential — but not so fast, Billyburg. Eater broke the news this morning that the restaurant is closed after just two months in business. What happened? Lack of buzz and customers certainly didn’t help, but a rep writes us with the official word that, in a nutshell, a new company wants to buy the hotel without the burden of the restaurant. So, buh-bye.

“Hotel Williamsburg & Residences at McCarren Park, developed by KSK Construction Group and Minneapolis-based development and management company Graves Hospitality Corporation, has experienced great success with all units being sold prior to the hotel opening on November 1, 2011.

While the developers’ long-term goal was to operate the property and its signature restaurant, Pillar & Plough indefinitely, the overwhelming praise of this high-profile project attracted a non-solicited offer to purchase the property at a very favorable price.

Although the sale is not finalized, the property is under contract to be purchased. As a result, Graves Hospitality has been instructed to close Pillar & Plough as of today. Since opening, Pillar & Plough has received great reviews and success; it is with regret that we are closing the doors.

The sales agreement is pending and not yet finalized. Reservations at the hotel will remain status quo and open for business as usual.”
Pillar & Plough Is Over and Done