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Pig: A Restaurant Coming to UCB, Before Pigg Gets to Umamicatessen

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Nice ink. Photo: Cea. via Flickr

Vag Magazine creator Leila Cohan-Miccio left her position as the editor of Grub Street Boston in September 2010 to concentrate on her comedy writing career. The initial fruits of her labor are now uncovered in Pig: A Restaurant, a one-woman show that follows seven characters crossing paths at the opening night of a new meat-centric restaurant, which yes, shares names with Chris Cosentino’s first project for Umamicatessen (what’s that about strange truth and fiction?). Following a mostly sold-out run at Upright Citizen’s Brigade in Gotham that was given a toast by The New York Times, the scribe is bringing her show, along with actress and former DB Bistro Moderne and Balthazaar server, Lauren Conlin Adams (who plays all seven roles) to UCB in Los Angeles next week.

Pig: A Restaurant will make its West Coast debut on Thursday, January 26th at Upright Citizen’s Brigade in Franklin Village, before returning again on February 2nd. The show promises to skewer each and every one of us food-types, from trend-chasing diners to critics in gardening hats to tatted, tough-guy chefs to the bold and beautiful bloggers who toil selflessly to serve you…or so we imagine.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Cohan-Miccio said the names would be changed in the West Coast version of the play to reflect L.A., obviously on the verge of discovering that half the city is comprised of reformed New Yorkers. She also wonders if we like bacon as much as New York does. Someone will have to bring her a taste of Ray Garcia’s bacon-wrapped bacon in lieu of opening night flowers.

Reservations for the show’s two dates can currently be snatched up online.

Pig: A Restaurant Coming to UCB, Before Pigg Gets to Umamicatessen