Pie Hole Shuttered, In Fine Spirits Expanding, Roli’s Now Señor Mariachi

Photo: Ruffin Ready via Flickr

Food news from around the north side: Boystown’s Pie Hole Pizza Joint has been shut down by the city for failure to have a license. How does a restaurant not have a license (which is $600, a drop in the full bucket of things?) Well, first you fall behind on your state taxes, then you can’t get a license because you owe state taxes, then you get fined $750 a few times for not having a license. “I’ve never seen it happen, but a city employee worked after 5 p.m. just to shut us down,” Doug Brandt, the owner of Pie Hole, said to the Chicago Phoenix. ”I’m sure our taxes paid him overtime while he sat in his illegally parked vehicle.” (Well, not your taxes, Doug.) [Chicago Phoenix]

• Andersonville wine bar In Fine Spirits, besides looking for a new chef, is planning to expand upstairs, turning its second floor event space into an upstairs lounge. While the work (which includes opening up the stairs between the two floors to make the two floors feel part of the same space) goes on, the wine bar is offering a “Pardon Our Dust” special on Sundays through February 5, for 40% off your bar bill— if you remember to bring in this coupon.

• We thought Mexican food was past this sort of thing in the era of Bayless, but Roli’s, a Mexican restaurant on Sheridan near Argyle which used to be the pretty good Riques Regional Mexican Food, has now renamed itself Señor Mariachi’s, which conjures up drunken spring breakers on Padre Island to us. We like to think it’s a self-parody, but it’s probably just hard-earned cynicism about what will bring in the gringos. [Uptown Update]

Pie Hole Shuttered, In Fine Spirits Expanding, Roli’s Now Señor Mariachi