Penthouse Club Location Revealed, And It’s In North Beach

If Tila's serving, we're so there.
If Tila’s serving, we’re so there.

Grub Street broke the news in December that San Francisco was set to get its very own Penthouse Club & Steakhouse in an undisclosed, 15,000-square-foot location to be unveiled later. Well, today the Scoop brings the un-shocking news that the boobs-and-steak chain is taking over the former Showgirls at 412 Broadway. And they’re still making some pretty big promises when it comes to the food!

There will be live performances, of course, but also “intimate dining booths” and “”four-star dining” via executive chef Juan Martinez, as well as two full bars. The menu will be straight-up steakhouse fare, but made from the “highest quality ingredients.”

In any event, the food can’t possibly be as bad as Hooters’, which closed last month at the Wharf. They’re aiming for a March opening, and according to Eater, Jenna Jameson will be there to cut the ribbon.

Also, they’re hiring! Sign up here if you’d like to be a server or bartender at the Penthouse Club, or if you want to audition to be an entertainer.

Update: They’re opening March 15, and it’s Jenna Rose, a Penthouse Pet, not Jenna Jameson, who’ll be there.

Penthouse Club and Steakhouse promises the finest dining in the city, naturally will open on Broadway [Scoop]
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Penthouse Club Location Revealed, And It’s In North Beach