NJ Wine Bill Awaits Christie’s Signature; ‘Flex-Casual’ Is Now a Thing with Chain Restaurants

• Oenophiles in New Jersey — there are a few — anxiously await for Governor Chris Christie to sign off on a bill that will allow them to purchase wine directly from producers. [WSJ]

• No surprise here: Turns out the Flyers fan who was caught on video brutally beating a Rangers fan in front of Geno’s is a guy from New Jersey. [Inquirer]

• The Humane Society has become an investor in the private equity firm that owns Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s. Keep your enemies close? [HuffPo]

• “Flex-casual” is an increasingly popular concept in the chain-restaurant industry: counter service by day, full service by night. [NRN]

• NPR’s food blog the Salt has some helpful suggestions for what to do with Twinkies, including wearing them or using them as a flotation device. [Salt/NPR]

• Behold the insidious truth behind why your grandma pilfers sugar packets. [Eatocracy/CNN]

NJ Wine Bill Awaits Christie’s Signature; ‘Flex-Casual’ Is Now