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Moby Helps Defend Wolfslair From Any Nazi Associations

Moby: A bald vegan werewolf?
Moby: A bald vegan werewolf? Photo: Uncensored Interview via Flickr

Just in case you worry that L.A.’s recent boom of biergartens has gotten a free pass from serious scrutiny around here (that is, when it’s not being ignored altogether), The Hollywood Reporter details the defenses at Wolfslair, the recently opened Hollywood German restaurant that counts Top Chef vagabond Jamie Lauren as its chef. The restaurant’s name, as a quick Google search is quick to reveal, happens to be the English translation for Wolfsschanze, the name of the Poland-based headquarters Adolf Hitler used to organize attacks on Russia (as we pointed out during the opening). Seeking to extricate the restaurant from some serious shit, editor Gary Baum gets in touch with proprietor Art Davis and beeping-booping beat-artist Moby for a little clarification. What do the guys have to say?

Fortunately, the owner is not a big enough dumb-ass to name his restaurant, no less a German restaurant, after a bunch of Nazis. Davis, whose nightclub Voyeur courted controversy a little while back when some Nazi Republican horn-dogs wasted party money on a vanilla peep-show, clarifies that the restaurant is named for a historic property called Wolf’s Lair aside Lake Hollywood, currently owned by Moby. Also, the owner happens to be Jewish and just in case that isn’t enough to convince you of his historical appropriateness, proves he’s down by pushing a bratwurst served on challah bread. Hitler definitely wouldn’t have stomached that kind of culinary inbreeding.

Taking a break to look up from his synthesizer (or so we picture the scene), Moby agrees that the restaurant can’t be riffing on Nazi-ism, insisting his property “pre-dated Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair by about 15 years.” Personally, we’re more interested in what wildman Bob Crane got up to when he owned Moby’s place, but it’s nice to have confirmation that Wolfslair isn’t collaborating with genocidal scum.

Meanwhile, no one appears bothered by the existence of Mao’s Kitchen still, while we’re wondering if the Reporter plans to take on these psychopathic MMA dudes named Wolfslair, who probably hit a wee bit harder than Moby.

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Moby Helps Defend Wolfslair From Any Nazi Associations