With Allium, The Four Seasons Is Gonna Be Funky From Now On

Kevin Hickey of upcoming Allium.
Kevin Hickey of upcoming Allium. Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

The Four Seasons Hotel has released more information about Allium, the new, more casual restaurant which will open inside the hotel under the direction of executive chef Kevin Hickey, who won a Michelin star for Allium’s much more formal predecessor, Seasons. Looking at the examples from the menu, you could think that it just got switched with The Purple Pig’s down the street. Instead of the formal, classical dining that Seasons represented, this is earthy, funky, comfy stuff, from pork neck agnolotti and lamb sausage to snacks like bacon-onion buns. The vibe is clearly designed to shake up the stateliness of the setting, too, with dishes cheekily listed under categories such as Smaller, Bigger, and Mine, and the promise of design touches like a cheetah print sofa.

On a cold inbox screen it may read a bit like Trendy Dining 2012— show us a press release that doesn’t promise farm-to-table regional American cuisine these days. But based on our experience shooting a Key Ingredient with him, Chef Hickey’s the real deal, a chef who’s been sourcing superior and local farm-to-table ingredients for a long time without patting himself on the back for it publicly. Color us excited to see what happens when four-star hotel dining moves into the porky-funky realm normally associated with informal chef-driven restaurants like The Purple Pig, The Bristol and Avec. Allium is set to open in February; a selection of dishes is listed below.

Snacks & Breads
Roasted Marcona Almonds
maple flakes and sea salt

Bacon and Onion Buns

Pork Neck Agnolotti
natural jus, green olives

Warm Fregola & Squash Salad
Mizuna & toasted hickory nuts

Lamb Sausage
pepper sauce, lemon mint yogurt

Suckling Pig Flat Bread
Prairie Breeze Cheese


Crispy “Brick” Chicken
Polenta & rich chicken jus

Beef Burger
white cheddar, fried egg,
goose fat fried onions and secret sauce

Wisconsin Walleye
sunchoke mashed potatoes,
grapefruit vinaigrette

With Allium, The Four Seasons Is Gonna Be Funky From Now On