Mitt Romney Eats at McDonald’s; Pink Pepper Shooting Victim Named

• Wealthy Mitt Romney is just like everyone else, and he proved it by eating at McDonald’s. Maybe he just confused the golden arches with the golden parachute? [Note/ABC News]

• Though the story still hasn’t clarified if it was her dining companion who shot her, the woman who was killed after being fired upon at Pink Pepper restaurant has been identified as 44-year-old Jitrujee Buatet. [Hollywood Patch]

• Pinkberry co-founder Young Lee is pleading not guilty to charges that he beat a man with a tire iron. [LAist]

• TV producers are attempting to heal the longstanding Pakistan-India conflict with a reality cooking show called Foodistan — unfortunately, it’s not really working. [AP via HuffPo]

• An explosion at a Downtown L.A. flour silo sent a cap 150 feet in the air. And here we thought yeast was the volatile one. [LAT]

• A 91-year-old woman plowed into the Orange location of DK Donuts yesterday evening, injuring three. [LAT]

• Comedic stationary company Knock Knock has gone into the chocolate business, releasing chocolate bars that double as greeting cards. [Knock Knock Stuff]

• Knitting Factory Entertainment is planning Latin-themed Truss & Bow in North Hollywood. [Eater]

• Wendy’s says it totally gets it now and will start being more competitive with chains like Panera and Chipotle, who are kicking its freckled, ginger butt in sales. [Tennessean]

• S. Irene Virbila visited Denver with a whole crew of food editors recently, doing a little research for the James Beards. [Westword]

• Last year’s drought has beef supplies down and prices up. [USAT]

• But don’t think you can just switch to lamb — sheep farmers are having trouble keeping up with demand. [Salt/NPR]

Mitt Romney Eats at McDonald’s; Pink Pepper Shooting Victim Named