MIT: On the Front Lines of Hummus Innovation?

Photo: Facebook/The MIT Hummus Experience

Hummus recipes are complex and precise things, so it seems only right that the science-minded wizards at MIT should host an annual hummus taste-off, part of a winter series devoted to the pleasures of that zesty Middle Eastern spread. For the uninitiated, per MIT’s actual hummus website (not kidding): The “Hummus Taste Off” is the culmination of a month filled with ‘hummus experiences,’ including two hummus-making classes and a tour to a local hummus factory.”

One intrepid BU gastronomy student reported from this year’s taste-off: “Contending groups endeavored to shake up the traditional hummus recipe … by incorporating a variety of unique and unexpected ingredients, experimenting with pungent herbs, a variety of nuts and spices, and even citrus fruits.” Tasty! The winning hummus? Grapefruit Black Tea Infusion.

Contenders then retired to a Kosher spread provided by Rami’s that included “tangy pickles, crispy falafel fritters, lingering hot sauce, and of course a large slather of rich and creamy hummus.” J.P. Licks provided hummus-flavored ice cream.

Harvard might have Ferran Adria, but do they have creamy chickpeas in a cone? We think not!

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MIT: On the Front Lines of Hummus Innovation?