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Lucky Peach Issue Three Cover Art Revealed

You see, it's a pig, getting a tattoo of a person.
You see, it’s a pig, getting a tattoo of a person. Photo: via Lucky Peach

The cover art for the third issue of Lucky Peach arrived over the Twitter wires today, and it’s mildly amusing-confusing. You know how lots of young chefs have pig butchery diagrams tattooed on their bodies? Well, here’s a dismembered leg o’ pork getting a human butchery diagram tattooed on its rear by a tattoo artist, sort of like a culinary “Far Side” comic. See a larger version below.

It’s the “Cooks and Chefs Issue,” which we suppose means it will contain more than the usual number of stories of back-of-house heroism. One of the articles teased on the cover is “Mario Batali Tells It Like It Is.” Also, the Joe Beef boys — French-Canadian chefs Frederic Morin and David McMillan who were recently the drunken stars of the Montreal episode of The Layover — will discuss “clean toilets and duck presses.” We’re happy to see David Chang and co. keeping it real by making sure the words “toilets” and “yo mama” both figure prominently in their cooking magazine.

And no, there’s still no word on that much-delayed iPad app — it is still “coming soon” from Zero Point Zero Productions, six months after we last heard it would be released.

LP3 Cover [LuckyPeach/Twitter]
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Lucky Peach Issue Three Cover Art Revealed