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Local’s Corner Finds Some NIMBY Opposition

The former La Placita Market at 2500 Bryant.
The former La Placita Market at 2500 Bryant. Photo: Google Street View

We broke the news last month that Local Mission Eatery owner Yaron Milgrom was looking to expand with a small restaurant in a former bodega at the corner of 23rd and Bryant called Local’s Corner, as well as with a larger marketplace nearby on Harrison called Local Mission Market. Last night, Milgrom and the Planning Department held a community meeting to discuss the smaller project and assuage any fears of the more than 100 neighbors who have signed a petition opposing the café. Mission Local reports that while many of the 50 or so in attendance were supportive of Milgrom, like any community meeting, it brought out the NIMBYs who dislike the threat of “outsiders” and fancy cafés that those outsiders might enjoy. “The biggest mistake I made,” Milgrom says, “is that I didn’t realize there would be so much opposition to me turning a derelict liquor store into a beautiful restaurant.”

He says he’s still surprised by the backlash, but this is San Francisco, after all. While the former La Placita Market might not be dearly missed, it was innocuous enough that this quiet street apparently doesn’t want to see it replaced with something potentially more popular. Milgrom, who lives directly across the street from the space, wanted to invest in the neighborhood and put a more interesting and attractive business in there than its original owner had intended — the owner was in the process last year of remodeling it into a deli.

The community meeting was called by Supervisor David Campos after he caught wind of the rumblings, and Planning has tabled discussion of Milgrom’s use-change permit until January 31, to give some time for outreach. The plan was to have Local’s Corner open by early spring, with a menu by chef Jake DesVoignes.

Let’s hope this blows over, shall we?

Planned Restaurant Inspires Some, Angers Others
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Local’s Corner Finds Some NIMBY Opposition