Lillie’s Q To Host Mexican Pop-Up Dinner, Jan. 24th

Lillie's Q.
Lillie’s Q.

We love any time barbecue and Mexican get together (and we’re surprised it doesn’t happen more often). We also love any time a restaurateur acknowledges the unsung heroes of our dining scene, which is the vast population of Mexican cooks and other staff inside every kitchen in town. So kudos to Lillie’s Q owner Charlie McKenna for turning his kitchen over for a night to sous chef Jose Landa to prepare a six-course Mexican pop-up dinner on Tuesday, January 24. “Jose’s been cooking our staff meals that come from his family recipes he learned as a kid growing up in Mexico since we’ve opened,” McKenna says. “Jose cooked us a preview of the menu we’re offering for the pop-up dinner last month, and we were all pretty blown away by the food and flavors. I’m excited for the public taste to Jose’s Mexican food.” The six-course meal is $45 per person with optional beverage pairings for $20, mostly consisting of beers from Latin-owned 5 Rabbit Brewing Company, who will debut Superstition, a blonde ale made with hibiscus, ginger, Illinois honey, Thai palm sugar, and chamomile. There are six seatings between 6 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., and tickets can be purchased here. The menu follows below.

1st Course
Pairing: Fortaleza Tequila neat

2nd Course
Chicken Tinga and Chorizo Quesedilla
Pairing: 5 Rabbit Golden Ale by 5 Rabbit Brewing Company

3rd Course
Green Pork Pozole
Pairing: 5 Lizard Latin-Style Witbier by 5 Rabbit Brewing Company

4th Course
Shrimp Chile Rellano
Pairing: Lillie’s Q-Rita (moonshine, tequila, orange liquor, Lillie’s Q Smoky sauce, and housemade sour mix served in a mason jar rimmed with Lillie’s Q Carolina Dirt rub)

Mexican Fruit Sorbet
Pairing: Superstition by 5 Rabbit Brewing Company

5th Course
Duck Breast Red Mole with Banana Leaf Tamale
Pairing: 5 Vulture Oaxacan-Style Dark Ale by 5 Rabbit Brewing Company

6th Course
Coconut Flan
Pairing: Vida y Muerte by 5 Rabbit Brewing Company

Lillie’s Q To Host Mexican Pop-Up Dinner, Jan. 24th