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LAPD Search for Northeast L.A.’s Fast-Food Filcher

Among the victims
Among the victims Photo: Messrcn

Following the example set by that no-good Hamburglar, a five-foot-six suspect is being sought in connection with several robberies at Northeast L.A. fast food restaurants. Highland Park-Mount Washington Patch reports that a man has demanded money behind a blue-steel handgun at cash registers at least seven times at various fast food chains, including McDonald’s, Domino’s, and Burger King, though a Radio Shack was also robbed.

The suspect, unimaginatively dubbed “The Fast Food Robber,” has even kicked an employee to get his way, which he usually gets, according to one cop. There’s currently a sketch of the suspect, seemingly drafted by that one guy in junior high who was really good at drawing, and citizens are being asked to identify him at 323-344-5751. Active around Highland Park, Cypress Park, and Lincoln Heights, he is believed to be acting alone. Why are police so concerned?

Police fear that, with an abundance of similar stores in the area, he may only be getting started. Furthermore, the criminal likes to strike in prime-time chow hours, between 4:00-10:00 P.M., when “families are purchasing food,” which “could seriously harm someone.” Not that eating at fast food restaurants doesn’t normally come with a risk.

LAPD is currently keeping an eye on the Northeast and Hollenbeck areas, where the suspect could be living. we hope they catch this dude, but it the meantime, think it’s important we give this “fast food robber” a much better name if we’re to follow the case. The Fast Food Filcher? The Domino’s Defalcator? The Value Meal Mugger? Let us know your suggestions in our comments.

LAPD Looking for Fast-Food Robber in Northeast L.A. [HP-MWP]

LAPD Search for Northeast L.A.’s Fast-Food Filcher