The Mixing Room Serves Deuling Lakers and Clippers Cocktails

Mixing Room's Lakers Martini
Mixing Room’s Lakers Martini Photo: Mi and Mo Photography

It’s the Clippers’ year, most likely on the court, but certainly on L.A.’s menus. After years of playing second string to The Lakers in local hearts and minds, the team is getting a boost from its strongest line-up ever, as well as in offerings at local eateries and bars. L.A. Weekly recently took a look at Magnolia’s Clippers cupcakes, a treat delivered just a week or so after the bakery released similar Lakers cupcakes, featuring a plastic Clippers ring on top. It’s apparently no longer kosher just to put out a Lakers-only special and skulk away unscathed by fans of The Clippers. Now, The Mixing Room is revealing its own collection of dueling Lakers and Clippers cocktails. Can you dig it?

The Clippers Martini

The Downtown Staples Center-adjacent bar at JW Marriott is offering a Clippers Martini, with Grey Goose, triple sec, lime juice, raspberry syrup, and blueberries on a stick. Meanwhile, The Lakers martini (perhaps L.A. Confidential is right about L.A.’s martini fixation) has Maker’s Mark, Cointreau, simple syrup, and lemon juice, with an orange twist.

We’re not sure what the drinks’ contents have to do with Kobe or Blake Griffin, but at least The Lakers’ drink is a bright shade of gold and The Clippers’ drink runs red. The Mixing Room tells us it will tally all the orders of each of the two cocktails in an effort to see which one is more in-demand. Whichever drink wins the popularity contest, regardless of what goes on in the NBA, will get a spot on the bar’s menu until the start of the 2013 season, which hopefully finds its actual start in 2013.

The Mixing Room Serves Deuling Lakers and Clippers Cocktails