La Cachette Bistro: Now Closed Indefinitely

Meteigner Photo: La Cachette Bistro

Following initial sputters in the globe’s economic forecast, French master chef Jean Francois Meteigner shuttered his upscale La Cachette and opened Santa Monica’s more laid-back La Cachette Bistro back in the summer of 2009. Since then, a lot has been attempted here to try and get its mojo rolling, from new tapas menus at the start of 2010 to cooking classes at the dawn of 2011. Sadly, Eater reports that the esteemed French chef shuttered LCB at the beginning of 2012, and a call to the restaurant confirms there is an outgoing message telling the curious: “We are now closed indefinitely,” which did require a couple of couple of calls to clarify it wasn’t “we are not closed indefinitely.”

The shutter of La Cachette Bistro, which Eater says could be coming back someday (most likely to a smaller space with a less intimidating rent, we’d guess) follows a noble two-year stand for Meteigner. He now joins the good company of prized L.A. statesmen who closed up their shops in Santa Monica in the past two years, such as Alain Giraud, Celestino Drago, and Josiah Citrin.

As L.A.’s restaurants have gone aggro on the casual fare as of late, we hate to see John Mariani gaini any ground with his recent L.A. French food is “on life support” claptrap. So catch us at Masion Giraud, steeling up our defenses over espresso and vacherin glacé, as we look forward to Meteigner’s next move.

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La Cachette Bistro: Now Closed Indefinitely