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Kyle Schutte Ducks Out of Vu, Changes to Come

Vu Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Another Westside chef shuffle to start the morning, as we’ve learned over the past few days that big changes are afoot at Marina del Rey’s Vu, the restaurant that opened a little more than a year ago at Jamaica Bay Inn. An online jobs posting on Monday hinted that the management was “in the process of launching a new seafood concept restaurant.” Inquiring into the changes, the Vu team suddenly sealed itself shut like it was protecting the legacy of The Moonstone or something. Admitting that a transition or some sort was taking place, reps working with the restaurant denied that a seafood concept was specifically set to come, but not before leaking that a female chef, likely one with a recognizable name, had taken over executive chef duties in the kitchen.

The restaurant won’t tell us who that is and, for once, we actually had better things to do than don our curly wigs, sunglasses, and trench coats, to stake the situation out. Vu’s reps will confirm that the restaurant’s original executive chef, Kyle Schutte, has vacated Vu, with no word as to his whereabouts.

Schutte bravely embraced molecular gastronomy at a time when the label was taking a battering from all sides. Vu courageously permitted his tricks and backflips at the small hotel restaurant. Unfortunately, the execution was not sufficient to convert any haters of the genre nor make this much of a destination for non-hotel guests in Marina del Rey. No doubt the hotel restaurant will proceed with a more straightforward concept, possibly ditching the Southern-tinged theatrics, as it goes forward.

Stay tuned as the hotel eventually plans an announcement as to its new chef and the changes to come.

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Kyle Schutte Ducks Out of Vu, Changes to Come