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Katsuya Takes on Tex-Mex

Katsuya Uechi
Katsuya Uechi Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Sushi entrepreneur Katsuya Uechi is taking his L.A.-bred Katsuya to Houston next month, but it sounds like his heart still swims very much in Pacific waters. When asked what the hell he’s doing opening a sushi restaurant in Houston, Uechi tells CultureMap, “Honestly, Los Angeles fish is better…there are more people who eat sushi, more consumers and it’s closer to Japan.” Not a stretch to think California has better seafood than a landlocked metropolis, but does Houston still have something to teach the SBE-chained sushi chef?

After paying a visit to Houston’s El Tiempo, chef Katsuya admits, “Tex-Mex, that was good…I might twist it a little bit and try to use those ingredients for two or three dishes.” Is he saying he’s never bit into a taco back home? Ai. The chef fortunately doesn’t dare say he likes Houston’s Tex-Mex more than our own Cal-excian, so here’s hoping he brings some miso-marinated, black cod tempura tacos back to us folks at home once he’s done messing with Texas.

The chef behind sexy, celeb hotspot Katsuya sees a sushi void in Houston: Where’s the good fish? [Culture Map]

Katsuya Takes on Tex-Mex