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John Hunstman Approves of Henry’s Tacos

Henry’s Photo: Occupy Tujunga via Facebook

John Huntsman can’t catch a break. Despite soundbites that almost sound sane for a Republican presidential candidate, his campaign is huffing and puffing to even glimpse Mitt Romney’s magic underwear. Today we learn that the impeccably coiffed Utah governor has a favorite taco spot in L.A. Unfortunately, Miami NewTimes tells us Huntsman is a devotee of Henry’s Tacos, the 50-year-old Studio City gringo taco stand that is facing closure at the hands of its landlord, who is unwilling to extend the restaurant’s lease. Since Hunstman looks like he could use a few more pounds on that frame, it’s time to appraise the current SITREP over at Henry’s.

Nearly 6,000 signatures have been collected as of today for a “Save Henry’s”-style petition that shows community support for the L.A. City Council to endow Henry’s with historic landmark status for its googie signage, among other historical assets. Fans are currently encouraged to contact council member Paul Krekorian through all available channels and press the council for action.

Sadly, the owners of Henry’s have no word yet on the restaurant’s survival chances, with a stalled situation that finds The City Council unwilling to make a vote until a lease is signed and the lease idling away until a vote takes place. If Huntsman really wants to be president, that’s the kind of bureaucratic mess he should be studying.

Henry’s currently doesn’t even have a date to plead its own case, with owner Jannis Hood writing on Facebook, “No date yet and they haven’t given me much notice in the past.” But when and if a meeting is announced, expect a packed house, as followers both local and far-flung are pledging support. Maybe you’ll see Huntsman too, if he has nothing better to do by then.

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John Hunstman Approves of Henry’s Tacos