How Crazy Will Next El Bulli Menu Mania Get? This Crazy

Don't come here! Your ticket's just for the movie!
Don’t come here! Your ticket’s just for the movie!

How in demand will tickets for the Next El Bulli menu be? Here’s a little indication. The Siskel Film Center is showing a documentary called El Bulli: Cooking in Progress, starting Friday. It’s playing for two weeks; it already played there once; we saw it, believe it or not, on a KLM flight. So it’s something that wouldn’t be that hard to see on your own, is our point. The Film Center offered Next 10 pairs of tickets to give away. They offered them on their Facebook page; all you had to do was put your name in. How many people do you think responded for those 20 free tickets?

Three thousand four hundred and forty-two comments were posted in the thread, over 3,300 entries for tickets, according to Nick Kokonas. Admittedly, some of that number may have thought they were entering for Next dinner tickets, but even so, a ratio of 165 to 1 for movie tickets is approaching that of the actual El Bulli (where reservation requests were reported to exceed available reservations by as much as 1,000 to 1). What does this mean for El Bulli menu tickets at Next? Admittedly, buying season tickets to Next is a very different thing from trying to get a free movie ticket, so one can’t… oh hell, of course one can. It’s going to be nuts and you know it.

But at least you can see the movie just by going and paying for a ticket. Well… maybe you want to go a little early.

How Crazy Will Next El Bulli Menu Mania Get? This Crazy