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Reservations at LudoBites Meant to Scratch Your Trigger Finger’s Itch

LudoBites 8.0
LudoBites 8.0 Photo: LudoBites

Yesterday we learned there would be a new LudoBites pop-up at Lemon Moon this month with a new reservations system, intended to simplify those frantic, often fruitless pursuits for a table. Still not completely sure how the system would work, and curious as to whether there were any ways our readers could combat the system, we asked Krissy Lefebvre to break down the switch to Urban Spoon. Lefebvre says, “Based on tweets and Facebook posts, people are getting their ‘trigger fingers’ ready. One person is bummed they will be on a flight. But none of that matters.”

As opposed to the first-come, first-serve policy in place at Ludo’s nomadic restaurant in the past, there will be six walk-in seats available at the bar each night for the whole run, while LudoBites 8.0’s official reservations system will take requests for specific dates a full 24 hours in advance, before being randomly assigned by computer to the requestees, with a limit of one reservation submission for each and every legit phone number.

Krissy continues, “It is truly random and people have 24 hours to enter their requests, so there is no ‘rush’ to get there first at 11:00 A.M. when [reservations] start. People can enter requests in their pajamas from their bed, on the toilet, over coffee, wherever and whenever they feel most comfortable over the 24 hour period.” Pajamas? Sounds like a food blogger’s daily dress is fully accepted in this case.

As to whether anyone can gain an advantage in Urban Spoon’s random lottery, Lefebvre puts the kibosh on that scheme. “I am not sure if there are any tips to maximize luck,” she says, “everyone has an equal opportunity over 24 hours, not one minute. People will be able to pick a specific day or any available. Of course if you are looking at odds, ‘any available’ will give you a better chance, but then you must be open to dining on any of the nights.”

And of course, Urban Spoon has one wild card, as the company plans to give away a reservation (and pick up the check) for four to Ludo’s hot pop-up action, picking from amongst all who attempt to score a seat. As always, good luck. The only difference this time is you can allow your itchy trigger fingers a vacation and take it at a slower pace.

Reservations at LudoBites Meant to Scratch Your Trigger Finger’s Itch