Junk Food at Home Makes Kids Fat; Kraft Cuts Jobs

• It isn’t junk food in schools that’s making kids fat — it’s junk food at home. Does this mean the candy vending machines get to come back? [NYDN]

• Eating with one’s hands, if you didn’t know by now, totally rules. Roy Choi says it helps “you eat with conviction and passion.” [NYT]

• Kraft is cutting about 60 jobs, which represents just 1.2% of its workforce. [Citizens Voice]

• Because it’s been at least a week since we’ve offered you a 2012 trend forecast, here’s USA Today’s. The crystal ball says gourmet salt, Korean food, and seaweed will all have a moment. [Your Life/USAT]

• After talking a lot of mess about taking over, Tesco is taking a long hard look at its Fresh & Easy plans following closures in Southern California. [Guardian UK]

• Pennsylvania’s Yuengling, the country’s oldest brewery, is now also the U.S.’s largest suds maker. [WBUR]

• File under first-world problems: New York coffee nerds love pour-over java but hate waiting five minutes for it to brew. [DNA Info]

Junk Food at Home Makes Kids Fat; Kraft Cuts Jobs