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Helen Mirren Hits Bäco Mercat; Brangelina Brings Brood to Benihana

The Bellamira of Baco
The Bellamira of Baco Photo: HelenMirrenNews via Flickr

Don’t get us wrong; there’s a time and a place for Whippits. But Demi Moore was neither spending a quite Sunday in her freshman year dorm room nor hanging out in the parking lot of a Jerry Garcia Band concert. Nonetheless, the inhalant was one of many at the center of a vortex of rumors concerning Demi’s dive this week, not long after she was spotted partying hardily at The Hotel Roosevelt’s Beecher’s Madhouse with her daughter and friends (hey, she dates thirty-year old guys, hangs out with twenty-year old girls, and loves freaky teenager drugs). Another classic Hollywood tragedy, huh? One minute you’re on top (of a rich, youthful jackhammer toting a twelve pack) and the next you’re on the bottom (of a nightclub floor packed with dwarves). Where else did celebs consume without abandon this week in L.A.? Take a look.

Bäco Mercat: Helen Mirren enjoyed dinner with her husband, Ray director Taylor Hackford, and some mutual pals last Friday night. We watched while slobbering over the original bäco, chile relleno, and pork testa. [GS]

Benihana: Brangelina took its kids to dinner. [Celebs Gather]

Fig & Olive: A newly preggers Molly Sims started getting her grub on for two. [GS]

In-N-Out: David Beckham is becoming a true Californian, attempting a solo visit to In-N-Out while he thought no one was looking. [Daily Mail]

Katana: The new Superman, Henry Cavill, hit the town, starting at Katana, then flying over to Station Hollywood for drinks. [GS]

Katsuya: Amber Heard and her Dad went to dinner. [Celebrity-Gossip]

Lexington Social House: Russell Brand stopped by comedian Paul Hughes’ birthday party last Saturday for about 30 minutes over dessert. [GS]

Mr. Chow: Dakota Fanning showed off her pink ‘do after leaving the restaurant with her family. []

The Bazaar: Halle Berry and dude dined at Jose Andres’ place. [People]

Unnamed Hollywood Restaurants: You could hire Rachel Zoe to dress you, or you could just jack all the clothes from the movie Rockers yourself. [Daily Mail UK]
Rihanna continued to impress the world with her brainiac act, joining the itty bitty titty committee in the process. [Opposing Views]

Helen Mirren Hits Bäco Mercat; Brangelina Brings Brood to Benihana