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Guchi’s Midnight Ramen: Who Needs a Publicist?

Coming soon to a bowl near you?
Coming soon to a bowl near you? Photo: Facebook/Guchi’s Midnight Ramen

Guchi’s Midnight Ramen, what is your secret? You get more press than the Kardashian sisters and your pop-up is more anticipated than the next Twilight. And yet nobody even knows when you’re opening, much less where! Devra First at the Globe has a preview of the O Ya-wizards-driven ramen pop-up.

So: Apparently the venture is “getting ready to launch.” They will do a test run on Sunday and Monday. Oh, but not for you. For friends. Friends like Jamie Bissonnette and Barbara Lynch. On the menu: “a bun filled with pork belly, a big bowl of ramen, and a dessert such as granita or green tea cookies, as well as a treat to take home.” First reports that the pop-up will officially launch “soon” in various locales around town, which might perhaps lead to a “permanent situation.” Of course, the ramen shop will be far cheaper than an actual budget-busting dinner at O Ya, which contributes to the allure.

In the meantime, the tastings will happen at Bondir at midnight (naturally). Somehow we envision legions of food writers ramen fans crowding the windows in their pajamas, trying to peek inside.

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Guchi’s Midnight Ramen: Who Needs a Publicist?