Ballad of El Gordo

Gordon Ramsay’s Ranting and Raving Pays Off With $6.5 Million Bel-Air Pad

There goes the neighborhood ...
There goes the neighborhood … Photo: Gordon Ramsay Submissions via Flickr

As 99.99 percent of the world’s chefs continue to drudge through soul-numbing days, only breaking their monastic devotion to the kitchen to escape for a few measly hours to the squeeze of a cheap flat, Gordon Ramsay just purchased a seriously sick $6.5 million dollar home in Bel-Air.

The New York Post reports that Gordo is currently splitting his time between London and Los Angeles, while the Daily Mail offers a peek inside the chef’s sprawling new mansion, which appears to have it all: gourmet kitchen, winding Prince of Bel-Air staircase, marble fireplace, and even one of those super-cool infinity pools. Way to go, Gordo, you stuck to your guns, yelling at absolutely everybody until it paid off better than the restaurant business. Then again, we should have probably predicted his move into the area. With all of the Botox injections, fancy cars, and celebrity slumber parties, Ramsay makes for an ideal fit in the posh neighborhood. In any case, it clearly beats a permanent stay in a badger hole.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ranting and Raving Pays Off With $6.5 Million Bel-Air Pad