The Other Critics

Gino’s Is ‘Totally Worth It’; Vedge a ‘Great Restaurant’

• With its arsenal of “umami-rich weapons,” Rich Landau’s and Kate Jacoby’s vegan venture Vedge is a “a great restaurant,” Adam Ercae writes. But it’s not without its faults. A hon-shimeji mushrooms chowder was “watery” and “really bland,” which he adds, “can enforce negative stereotypes about vegan cooking.” However gochujang tofu and eggplant braciole stuffed with smoked cauliflower and rice fared better, and he orders “get them!” when it comes to the tostones-like preparation of fingerlings. [Citypaper]

• Hawk Krall takes a breather from hot dogs long enough to deliver the lowdown on recently relaunched Philly burger chain Gino’s. The drive to King of Prussia, he writes, is “totally worth it” for a real “delicious thin-patty fast food-style burger that doesn’t start life in the freezer.” The Gino’s Giant’s “medium well dual burger patties” were “well seasoned and still juicy with a nice crust and flowing with molten American cheese.” The hand-cut fries are “worth getting.” [AHT]

• Phyllis Stein-Novack checks out the Italian Market’s Al Zaytouna, where “immaculately fresh pita” is met with a “light, creamy” housemade hummus. There she, Edward and sister Sandy relished the “finest falafel this side of Tel Aviv,” housemade lentil soup that “packed quite a punch,” and Kofta that was “fine.” The “flavor was spot on” for Sandy’s chicken cutlet, and Edward’s lamb kabob was “perfectly seasoned” and “tender as marshmallows.” [South Philly Review]

Gino’s Is ‘Totally Worth It’; Vedge a ‘Great