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Franklin Shakes Up a Wintry Mix

Franklin Mortgage's Al Sotack
Franklin Mortgage’s Al Sotack Photo: Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.

Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. just dropped the latest quarterly update to their cocktail menu, and they’re billing it as a stone cold gas, man. General manager Colin Shearn, who we reported in the past punched up Supper’s rockist-inspired cocktail list followed by another inspired by classic metal albums, continues working in a similar groove. The Franklin’s latest effort he’s likening to a “double album of delicious drinks.” And with several flips, new punches and bucks to boast, it looks as if all that’s missing are the seeds and stems stuck in the gate-fold. Keep reading to see the entire new menu.

Required Reading
Because we respect our elders

Hotel Nacional 12
Mt. Gay rum, Marie Brizzard Apry, fresh pineapple and lime juice served up

John Collins 13
Bols Genever, fresh lemon juice, Regan’s orange bitters served tall with soda

Hot Buttered Rum 12
Ron Zacapa, El Dorado 12 year, Appleton v/x and Smith & Cross rums, honey, salted butter served with hot water

Queen’s Park Swizzle 13
El Dorado 12 year rum, fresh lime juice, Demerara, mint served tall on crushed ice

The Claridge Cocktail ~ 12
Beefeater gin, Noilly Pratt dry vermouth, Rothman & Winter apricot, Cointreau, Bitter Truth grapefruit bitters served up

Dixie 12
Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Grand Marnier, Marie Brizzard Mente, Angostura bitters served on a rock

Chancellor 14
Black Grouse scotch, 6 Grapes ruby port, Cinzano sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters served up

Rebellious Spirits
Because America was Founded on them and progress depends upon them

Demon Tied To A Chair In My Brain 13
Wray & Nephew overproof rum, Maurin Quina, Clement Creole Shrubb, fresh lemon juice served up

Elephant Flip 14
Ramazzotti, Smith & Cross rum, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Demerara, pomegranate molasses, Angostura and Bitter Truth xocatl mole bitters, salt, whole egg served tall with IPA

Million $ Strong 13
Wild Turkey rye, Green Chartreuse, fresh lime and pineapple juice, Demerara served up

Brass Tacks Buck 13
Espolon Blanco tequila, Del Maguey Vida mezcal, fresh lime juice, house pear and ginger syrup, Angostura bitters served tall with soda

Santa Sangre 15
Del Maguey Chichicapa, Luxardo Maraschino, Cinzano sweet vermouth, fresh orange juice, house cinnamon tincture served up

Death On Two Legs 13
Wild Turkey rye, Campari, Montenegro, Luxardo Maraschino, St. Elisabeth allspice dram, cane served up

The Baroness 14
Bluecoat Gin, Dolin Blanc vermouth, Nonino, Luxardo Maraschino, Bittermen’s orange cream citrate served up with sparkling wine

The Sultan 14
Banks 5 Islands rum, Del Maguey crema de mezcal, Demerara, house sarspirilla tincture, Angostura bitters served on a rock

I Asked Her For Water, She Brought me Gasoline
Because sometimes you want a drink with teeth

Midnight’s Children ~ 13
Old Granddad 114 Bourbon, Ron Zacapa rum, Hidalgo Pedro Ximenez sherry, house mulled wine syrup served on a rock

Queen Of Wands 12
Tanqueray gin, El Dorado 3 year rum, Wray & Nephew overproof rum, Dolin Blanc vermouth, house vanilla tincture, orange blossom water served up

Always Crashing The Same Car 13
Lairds Bonded Applejack, Bonal, Green Chartreuse, Bitter Truth aromatic bitters served up

The Sinister Side 15
Glenfiddich 15 year scotch, Dolin Blanc vermouth, Lairds Bonded Applejack, Trimbach Poire Williams, St. Germain, house orange bitters served up

Casino Soul 12
El Dorado 12 year rum, Dolin Blanc vermouth, Cynar served up

Automatic Midnight 15
Junipero gin, house picon, Averell Damsan gin, Marie Brizzard cacao, Luxardo Fernet, Pernod Absinthe, Peychaud’s bitters served up

The Flowing Bowl
Because sometimes the answer is punch in your mouth

Rust Belt Punch 12
Wild Turkey rye, Root, Galliano, tropical fruit tea, fresh lemon juice, Demerara, Angostura and Peychaud’s bitters

Wave Away The Flies Punch 14
Famous Grouse scotch, Hayman’s Old Tom gin, Rothman & Winter pear, Lillet, mint tea, cinnamon syrup, Peychaud’s bitters

Transmetropolitan Punch 14
Ransom Old Tom gin, Plymouth gin, Cocchi Americano, fresh lime juice, house cranberry-sage syrup, Angostura and Bitter Truth lemon bitters

Easy Going
Because sometimes the path of least resistance is the solution

Emma Frost ~ 13
Plymouth gin, Cocchi Americano, Rothman & Winter violette, fresh lemon juice, house grapefruit syrup served tall with soda

Baby Got Back 12
Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Bonal, Dolin Blanc vermouth, fresh lemon juice,house strawberry-basil syrup, Bitter End bbq bitters, egg white served up

The Hazards Of Love 12
Ramazzotti, Appleton v/x rum, Punt e Mes, Marie Brizzard cacao, Demerara, house cinamon tincture, Angostura and Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas bitters, whole egg served up

Apache Step 12
Lemonhart 151 rum, Cardamoro, fresh lemon juice, pineapple Demerara served up

Killer Bees On The Swarm 12
Espolon Blanco tequila, Los Nahuales mezcal, fresh lime and grapefruit juice, honey syrup, Angostura and Peychaud’s bitters served up

Arizona Bay 12
Aalborg Aquavit, Pimm’s #1, Aperol, Galliano, fresh lemon juice, Demerara, house orange bitters served tall on crushed ice

Franklin Shakes Up a Wintry Mix