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Four Barrel Mocks Itself in ‘Sh*t Baristas Say’

“There’s a library a few blocks away that has wifi…”

Everyone’s had quite enough of this YouTube meme, we know. But because some hometown kids made one, and it’s about snotty coffee people, we feel obligated to share just one video more. It was shot at Four Barrel, and it stars actual condescending Four Barrel barista Ian Hunter Anderson. But at least he has a sense of humor about it.

This is an original production of Sprudge, a coffee geekery website that you probably haven’t heard about unless you’re a barista yourself. But then again, this is San Francisco. “There’s a latte dying on the bar!”

Shit Baristas Say [Sprudge via SFoodie]
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Four Barrel Mocks Itself in ‘Sh*t Baristas Say’