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David Lynch’s New Coffee Ad Scares Us

Oh, no...
Oh, no…

Much like LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, who’s taking his coffee love to the next level and creating his own espresso blend, filmmaker David Lynch continues to drink twenty cups a day and market his own coffee line, David Lynch Signature Cup. Last year saw him flirting with a disembodied Barbie head for a full four minutes in his first self-directed commercial for the coffee. And today, we get Lynch’s second coffee ad via the HuffPo, which uses some creepy, Lynchian flash-stills, and features what looks like toothpaste on a concrete floor spelling the words, Oh yeah.

We don’t think Ogilvy’s going to be hiring Lynch anytime soon …

David Lynch’s Second Coffee Commercial Premiere (VIDEO)
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David Lynch’s New Coffee Ad Scares Us