Crashing Ed Lee’s Inauguration Dinner; Store-Bought Orange Juice Full of Fungicide

• The amusing story of SFist’s Andrew Dalton attempting to crash Willie Brown’s post-inauguration dinner for Ed Lee over the weekend (here’s a review of buffet items from the morning affair), and failing to find out what, if any, Brown’s relationship is to Subway. [SFist]

• At today’s Entertainment Commission meeting, the first of a new, cheaper type of live entertainment permits will be issued, and Casa Sanchez (2778 24th Street) in the Mission is one of the businesses applying for one. [Mission Local]

• Oakland’s Nicole Erny, formerly an original employee of The Trappist, just became the first female to pass the Master Cicerone (beer sommelier) certification exam. She now becomes one of only four Master Cicerones in the world, and one of two in the Bay Area (the other being Rich Higgins of Social Kitchen and Brewery). [Scoop]

• A landmark restaurant down in Rancho Mirage burned to the ground over the weekend. [AP/Examiner]

• Turns out conventional orange juice might be full of fungicide residue. Yuck. [AP via HuffPo]

• The U.S. is actually doing an uncharacteristically good job when it comes to sustainable fishing policies. [SFoodie]

• Here’s the fascinating tale of Crisco’s rise and fall, from the time in the eighties when it was championed as a healthy fat alternative, trans fats and all. [Salt/NPR]

• Grocery stores are implementing nutritional scoring systems that get posted right on the shelves with the products. Hmmm. [USAT]

• Starbucks isn’t alone in raising prices; an NRN survey shows other chains are likely to do the same, so get your jollies now. [NRN]

Crashing Ed Lee’s Inauguration Dinner; Store-Bought Orange Juice Full of