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Comme Ca Starts Burger Night

Comme Ca's classic
Comme Ca’s classic Photo: Comme Ca

Rustic Canyon might be the only place where we’ll part with eighteen bucks for a burger and not spend the rest of the week starving ourselves to stave off the regret. But Comme Ca’s cheeseburger has earned approval from more than a few trusted palates, so we’ll let David Myers do David Myers. The chef is declaring every Tuesday “Burger Night” at Comme Ca, starting January 24th, and is filling the brasserie’s menu with six different burgers (three priced at eighteen dollars), meant to be paired with rare wines from the cellar, for a “high/low-brow” effect that’s somewhat watered down by the high price of both.

Eighteen dollar burgers include a Swiss melt, the classic Comme Ca favorite, and a “Black and Blue,” with bleu cheese, while a merguez burger, veggie burger, and pork breakfast burger will cost you a little less. Check out the full “Burger Night” menu at Comme Ca, below, and start saving up today.


Comme Ca Burger - $18

Swiss Melt Burger - $18
Angus beef, gruyere cheese, mushrooms, butter lettuce, crispy onion rings, French fries, garlic aioli

Black and Blue Burger - $18
Angus beef, bleu cheese, red onion, bacon, French fries, garlic aioli

Lamb Merguez Burger - $16
Lamb sausage, roasted peppers and caramelized onions, arugula on ciabatta bun, French fries, harissa aioli

Breakfast Burger - $14
House made pork sausage, egg sunny side up, white gravy, on an English muffin, lyonnaise potato

CCVB - $14 (Comme Ca Veggie Burger)
Cashew & pine nuts, garbanzo bean, ajuwan-tomato jam on a tofu bun, baby kale and spinach salad

Comme Ca Starts Burger Night