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CJ Jacobson Resigns From The Yard

Chris “CJ” Jacobson Photo: The Yard

Sky-scraping, slim Top Chef vet Chris Jacobson announced on his Facebook last night that he’s leaving The Yard, the Santa Monica restaurant and bar he helped convert into an edgier animal after taking over its kitchens a little more than two years ago. Currently in Denmark, hopefully he didn’t wake up with a head full of akvavit and regret that post. So what’s next for CJ?

Jacobson writes from abroad, “I have decided to resign as chef of the Yard. I wish the Yard all the best, it was time to move on. I have a new project that I’m sure you will all know all know about soon enough.” We personally don’t know a thing about the chef’s next step, but enjoyed his big-boned, often Southern-influenced creations along with his dedication to stellar brews at The Yard, and will be looking forward to seeing what he has next up his extra-long sleeves. Stay tuned, as we embark on a little CJ-stalking!

UPDATE: A source tells us it’s possible that the chef is about to start and has begun a year of staging at NOMA, based on a past conversation.

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CJ Jacobson Resigns From The Yard