Blue Palms Gets Temporary Reprieve; Sushi Boosts Male Fertility

Blue Palms’ chances for survival are looking encouraging, as the craft beer venue has been given a two-to-three week reprieve that allows it to operate at The Music Box in Hollywood. Meanwhile, lease negotiations are in effect for the future. [LAT]

• Sushi has been shown to boost male fertility. It’s the omega-3s that seem to make the difference. [NYDN]

• Instead of toys, U.K. McDonald’s stores are giving kids vouchers for books. Now they’ll never be able to read again without craving French fries. [NYDN]

• The L.A. Times Food Section Find team tracks down a few of L.A.’s hottest dishes. Surprisingly, something dubbed “reggae wings” packs a punch at Front Page. [LAT]

• Twenty-something chefs are finding themselves with a surplus of book deals. The Hot Knives cookbook even features the two chefs drinking and smoking something on the back cover, like typical 29 year-olds. [LAT]

• Bushmeat, which can spread primate viruses, is being smuggled into New York City, and for some reason people are eating it. They obviously didn’t read that chilling article in the New Yorker a few months back. [NYDN]

• Stop the sandwich presses, Quizno’s is expanding to the Philippines. [NRN]

• The L.A. Seed Bank begins is second year of lending crop seeds much like a library does. [LAist]

• The Food Lion grocery chain is closing over 100 of its stores around the country. [CBS]

• You’re probably doing cabbage salad wrong — here’s how to make it taste good. [Slate]

Blue Palms Gets Temporary Reprieve; Sushi Boosts Male Fertility