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Blue Palms Shutting Its Doors This Week, But Optimistic About Quick Return

Blue Palms
Blue Palms Photo: Blue Palms

After all the occupying, protests, negotiations, and digital outpouring of fan love, Blue Palms Brewhouse announces that it will still be closing its doors to craft beer lovers sometime this week. Things had been looking up for the brew bar for a minute, with the landlord allowing an extension for Blue Palms to continue operating through January and generally drawing praise from the bar’s owners. The good news is that the closure could still be temporary, as the landlord apparently needs to deal with tomorrow’s eviction of The Music Box Theater and craft a new deal before lease negotiations can proceed for Blue Palms. What do the forces behind the beer bar have to say?

In a message to fans, Blue Palms writes on Facebook:

As you all know, we have been going through a very difficult time trying to keep Blue Palms open following the eviction of the operators of the Music Box Theater. After the gracious extension from the property owner, we are sad to announce that next week we will have to close our doors while the owner works out the legal issues surrounding the Music Box Theater’s eviction (and procures a new operator for the Music Box Theater). The owner has been extremely kind during this period and is doing her best to enter into a new deal which we hope will include the Blue Palms Brewhouse reopening as soon as possible. We are optimistic that a deal will be reached quickly and that this is only a short term closure. We will continue to update you as news becomes available. We are extremely grateful for all of your support and efforts over the last 3 weeks. We look forward to re-opening and resuming service for all of our loyal fans! Cheers!
Blue Palms Shutting Its Doors This Week, But Optimistic About Quick Return