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Someone Needs to Give Nicolas Cage’s Brother His Own Cooking Show, Like, Now

The Biker Chef, cat included.
The Biker Chef, cat included. Photo: Handout

For all the food shows that actually make it onto TV, many obviously don’t, which is too bad because a lot of them sound way, way better than Fat Chef: For example, check out the (not-embeddable) trailer for Biker Chef, which looks exactly as kick-ass as something called Biker Chef should look. It may make your day, weekend, or month depending on just how much awesome your heart can tolerate.

Biker Chef follows “one road warrior … and a cat” who hit the road to discover “the tastier side of America.” The pilot was shot in New Mexico maybe six years ago, and the road warrior in question is Christopher Coppola, a self-described “experimental cook and social alchemist” (the cat in question is Otto). (There’s another amazing clip here.) The show is basically Guy Fieri’s show meets Easy Rider meets Ghost Rider — plus a Burmese cat.

Oh, and speaking of Ghost Rider, it’s no coincidence that Coppola’s voice sounds a lot like Johnny Blaze’s onscreen personage: Biker Chef’s IMDb page reveals he’s the brother of … Nicolas Cage (née Nicolas Kim Coppola). What more do you want, Food Network?! Where else are you going to get someone who rolls up to an organic goat-cheese-maker’s front door and says, while flipping his helmet visor like some goodwill version of the Terminator, “I’m Biker Chef. We’re here to talk about cheese“?

Fortunately, there may yet be hope for Biker Chef: Coppola has been uploading all sorts of sizzle reels and digital projects to Vimeo during the last few days, all in advance of some kind of big new website launch that evidently takes place this evening. Please, please, please let it have something to do with forks, bikes, and cats.

Biker Chef Trailer [Vimeo]
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Someone Needs to Give Nicolas Cage’s Brother His Own Cooking Show, Like,