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Is Antonia’s the Next Site of Kitchen Nightmares?

We thought Anthony's might get the Ramsay treatment.
We thought Anthony’s might get the Ramsay treatment. Photo: city-data

That feisty Gordon Ramsay is set to unleash his wrath on Boston once more. But where? While we can think of quite a few restaurants in need of his services, posters on Chowhound have some ideas of their own.

One wag speculates that Revere Beach’s Antonia’s is the next victim star: “This is a total shame because the place has decent fare at great prices but doesn’t cater to the weekend beer, shot and loud music crowd that the 3 other establishments on the beach draw. It’s the nicest place on the Blvd but that’s not to say it’s a destination point. It’s has a lot of seats and they’re packed for the summer months but rather empty when the beach crowd isn’t around. I feel bad for the owners/managers because no one comes off looking good on that show.” Ain’t that the truth!

Anyway, we’re not quite sure how this intrepid Hound is so certain, but we kind of had our hopes pinned on a revival of Anthony’s Pier 4. [CH]

Is Antonia’s the Next Site of Kitchen Nightmares?