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Where Anthony Bourdain Ate in L.A. on The Layover Last Night

Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain Photo: SRLasky via Flickr

Still simmering (zimmering, actually) in the afterglow of Andrew Zimmern’s recent L.A. love-fest, last night we got to enjoy Anthony Bourdain’s return to our fair megalopolis on his new show The Layover. Pretty Tony proved long-ago that he knows what’s up with L.A. and appreciates all we have to offer, and the outspoken chef proved it yet again with a tour of both hot and secret spots around town. Where did he get down this time around?

In the episode, Bourdain labels In-N-Out “the only American chain worth a damn,” spends some quality time with Ludo Lefebvre, finds a rare and horny local while sifting through a hill of beans at The Hollywood Farmer’s Market, and takes his act to KTown’s Dan Sung Sa and Atwater’s Tacos villa Corona. As a bonus, the Travel Channel gives us a list of places Bourdain drinks in L.A. like Tiki Ti and Hardvard & Stone. For everyone sick of the stereotypes, it’s a well-rounded peek at the diversity and character that makes up parts of the huge city normally not reserved for prime time.

The Layover: Los Angeles [TTC]

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Where Anthony Bourdain Ate in L.A. on The Layover Last Night