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Ansill Answers the Call of the Ganja; Farmers’ Cabinet Now On to Its Third Chef

David Ansill
David Ansill Photo: David Ansill

If the chefs keep shuffling at this rate, Farmers’ Cabinet should consider installing revolving doors. Less than a year since opening, the mood-lit Euro beer hall and retro cocktail bar is on to its third chef. Outgoing chef, Jason Goodman, is now serving as top toque at Stephen Starr’s Buddakan, according to Foobooz. And as is often the case with goings on at the Cab, there’s plenty of he-said-she-said and other drama surrounding the shake-up. Sous chef Steven Forte is said to be Goodman’s replacement.

Also in chef news, David Ansill is reportedly bidding farewell to Ladder 15, the Center City spot where he landed after his dearly departed BYOB Pif and eponymous bar and restaurant at Third and Bainbridge (now Ela) closed. His next move? Jamaica, mon. He reportedly is relocating to the island nation to be closer to its premier product, ganja, of which the chef unabashedly professes an affinity for. In addition to puffing spliffs with rastas, Ansill will head the culinary operations at Negril’s Wild Parrot Guest Cottages.

Across town at the Moshulu, Ralph Fernandez has jumped ship. He’s moved on to assume the role of executive chef at Harrah’s Chester casino. He’s been replaced by Anthony Bonett.

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Ansill Answers the Call of the Ganja; Farmers’ Cabinet Now On to Its Third