What to Drink at Ammo’s New Cocktail Bar, Debuting Tonight

Ammo's Blood Orange Fizz
Ammo’s Blood Orange Fizz Photo: Michael Ryan

Jason Robey is apparently the man to have on speed dial when your respected restaurant wants to slip into the city’s cocktail scene. The barman brought new drink menus to D.C.’s New Heights and Santa Monica’s Michael’s, and tonight will launch a new cocktail program at Ammo. Called the “Artisan Cocktail Bar,” the two most refreshing points are the prices and the booze spectrum. Robey doesn’t leave out vodka or gin fans to concentrate solely on the browns or agaves so obsessed over these days. He instead includes drinks for all tastes, with plenty priced around ten and eleven bucks (yes, that sorta sounds cheap in this day and age).

Of course, if you’re the type to jock the $35 or $100 margarita, you can try Ammo’s mixture of Ilegal mezcal with Grand Marnier, lime juice, vanilla, and applewood smoked salt, or cling closer to a $13 traditional margarita using Ixa silver.

Other cocktails include a Belgian-inspired combination of Allagash white with framboise lambic and frambeau, plus a verbena-infused vodka, and all the herbs and homemade sodas you’d expect from the farm-to-table favorite. Check out Ammo’s full cocktail menu below, including a few new nibbles.


Belgium Sunrise:
Allagash white ale, Lindemans lambic framboise, frambeau liquor 10

Blood Orange Fizz:
Bele Casel Prosecco, Aperol, blood orange juice, fresh thyme 11

Tru organic vodka, farmer’s market pomegranate juice, lemon juice 12

Tru organic lemon verbena infused vodka, tangerine juice, house made ginger soda, mint, bitters 12

Sage Martini:
Hendrick’s gin, lemon juice, lime juice, fresh sage 11

AMMO’s Classic Margarita:
Ixa organic silver tequila, lime juice, organic agave nectar 13

Johnny Green Spot:
Tierra’s anejo tequila, green chartreuse, meyer lemon juice, grapefruit juice, thai basil, jalapeno 14

The Grand Rep:
Ilegal mezcal reposado, Grand Marnier, lime juice, vanilla, applewood smoked salt 18

Citrus Fashioned:
Willett 5yr. rye, lemon, orange, & tangerine zest, maraschino jus, bitters 11

Maple Leaf Rag:
Black Maple Hill bourbon, lemon juice, maple syrup, bitters, burnt rosemary 12


Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Emmental on country white with caramelized shallots 6

Grilled Squid with a watermelon radish aioli 8

Mini Burgers: grassfed beef and turkey with tomato, lettuce & aioli 8

Baked penne: with aged white cheddar, fresh thyme & breadcrumbs 8

Charcuterie Plate: prosciutto di Parma, Fra’ Mani salame toscano & soppressata, quince jam, cornichons and toasted walnuts 12

Bruschetta: grilled ciabatta with garlic & olive oil 3

French breakfast radishes with Straus butter & sea salt 4

Olives & almonds 4

AMMO crackers 3

Sautéed kale 7

Charred rapini 7

French fries 6

What to Drink at Ammo’s New Cocktail Bar, Debuting Tonight