Whole Wheat Pizza; Barbecued Chicken Sandwiches

• If you’re a fan of whole wheat pizza crust, get yourself to Oliveto in Oakland, stat. [Slice]

• How can a barbecue-chicken sandwich stay fresh for two years? Frighteningly, the Army has the answers. [NPR]

• See the winning food-based creations from the Style Invitational edible-art contest, whose contestants depicted the year’s events — Bin Laden’s death, the GOP primary race — in food. [WP]

• Staff meals in kitchens: so important these days. [Bay Area Bites]

• Now that beer-laced candy is turning into a thing, bonbons are not just for the ladies anymore. [WSJ]

• The same as many Americans, jolly, fat Santa Claus became obese thanks to his association with Coca-Cola. [Eatocracy]

• Well, this is no fun: Students at schools in Westford, Massachusetts, have been told not to bring holiday cookies, candies, or anything delicious to school parties — they can share popcorn and raisins instead. Wah-wah. [CBS Boston]

Whole Wheat Pizza; Barbecued Chicken Sandwiches