Vocab Words for Foodies; Coke’s Secret Formula

• From affinage to viticulture, here’s the vocab list to study if you fancy yourself a foodie. [HuffPo]

• “Consumers go ga-ga” for brands’ secret formulas; Coke capitalized on this by announcing yesterday on Facebook that it was moving the physical copy of its formula. KFC’s Original Recipe is a big secret too, probably so we won’t find out how much MSG is in it. [USAT]

• Tebowing is so five minutes ago; now it’s time to embrace Teboozing. [NYDN]

• The NYT points out what we feel every time we read our e-mail: There are a ton of food-tech apps and start-ups out there, and it’s hard to know which are good. [NYT]

• A Chinese dairy farmer who laced a rival’s product with industrial salt, killing three children, has been sentenced to death. [AP via HuffPo]

• And, a woman at a California Taco Bell found four staples in her Taco Supreme. Yikes. [NYDN]

Vocab Words for Foodies; Coke’s Secret Formula